Hey it’s Richard Patey, here’s my backstory of how I got into the world of digital assets.


I started learning SEO back in 2012 and applied to my first online business, a print-on-demand shopify store which I sold on Empire Flippers in 2016.

I didn’t enjoy the customer support however, so focussed on affiliate and promoting software products and built and sold Funnel Engine in 2018 for six figures.

Podcasts & Communities & Newsletters

I then starting building media assets such as Flipping Websites, a podcast and facebook group which I sold to what became Investors Club in 2019.

In 2020 I built a paid substack about website investing which I sold to Travis Jamison for six figures (PR). We turned this into the paid investing.io community.

I then created another newsletter on Substack and a Discord community called Alts Cafe which I sold to Flippa and worked as Director, Investor Community for six months (PR).

I then started building newsletters on beehiiv, and sold two to Scott Oldford at Wisdom Media (PR), and got the opportunity to invest in beehiiv at their Series A round.


I got into domaining back in 2020 during lockdown, from discovering excellent domain podcasts such as Domain Sherpa and also one by Josh Reason at the time.

I invited Josh onto my Website Investing podcast and learned about how to buy at wholesale value, and sell at retail value at 10x the price.

I started purchasing domains, using tools such as ExpiredDomains.net , at GoDaddy Auctions and also hand registering domains such as lightweight.co for $130 which I sold on the brand marketplace Squadhelp for $999.

My best sale to date was hand registering shiny.gg and selling for $10K on Dan.com.

Crypto & NFTs

I first bought Bitcoin back in 2016 and caught the altcoin run up in 2017 before selling everything at the start of 2018.

Over 3 years went by, where I was focussed back on online business, until March 2021 when the price of Ethereum started to rise again.

I'd been out of the market for so long that I felt the need to reeducate myself, so what better way than subscribing to a paid Substack (like the one I had sold) called Bankless.

I got in at just the right time as I minted a free NFT badge (my first NFT mint) that got me their $BANK token drop and access to their DAO - a decentralized media organisation.

I then went super deep into media DAOs, earning tokens by contributing to their newsletters and blogs and earning bounties.

My first purchase of an NFT was a Lazy Lion in August of 2021 and that, combined with a series of Domain Sherpa NFT focussed podcasts called Down The Rabbit Hole, got me into purchasing a Mutant Ape for 4 ETH in October 2021 which I flipped for 8 ETH a few months later.

My best trade was minting a Moonbird for 2.5 ETH and selling at 21 ETH, although it also feels like my worst trade as I should have sold between 30-40 ETH. Learned a hard lesson on this one about taking profits.

In August of 2023 I started buying Solana, and in October 2023 I went to the Solana Breakpoint conference (did write up here).

Present Day

Now I run this newsletter and my paid private community Patey Club on Skool - it’s capped at 150 members (Dunbar’s number).

And I run the Digital Asset Investor newsletter and free Skool community whilst building a new community marketplace platform swwwap.com with my friend Travis. I wrote about this here.

Ok that’s enough from me, come follow me on Twitter or Linkedin and join my community.


Richard Patey