👋 Out of the Newsletter Business...

But still in the game. Plus authenticating content through the blockchain

Hey, how’s things?

I sold The Newsletter Business mentioned in the first issue of this (my personal) newsletter, which the new owner Fred has now moved to the domain newsletterbusiness.com:

But due to receiving mostly stink bids (lowball offers) I’m keeping Digital Asset Investor for now.

And so much for simplification and trying to get down to just one newsletter (i.e. this one) as I’ve yet again filled up the three slots in my beehiiv account by separating out This Week In Solana into its own publication.

Last month, I started working as editorial lead for the web3 media company The Nifty with The Daily Bone, and built out a new structure and gameplan to make it the top crypto newsletter. But with their Choose Rich campaign blowing up, they decided to double down on videos and not invest into an independent, revenue-generating newsletter business, so we have parted ways.

I’m staying focussed on working with crypto brands and have launched a web3 newsletter marketing agency at sponsorweb3.com. The editorial support is similar to the Letter Operators agency I used to run with Maciej, but targeting an industry that has a ton of investment where billion dollar token generation events are regularly occurring.

And having created (and now sold) a newsletter AI product that takes other people’s articles as sources and summarizes them, I’ve been following blockchain based developments to authenticate content such as Sovereignty by Now Media.

This platform enables your audience to earn XP by reading and sharing your content, transforming them into an engaged community. And you can even set up your articles as collectibles with a supply size and price.

Talking of community, I have a private Discord community that I’m starting to get going again. If you want an invite, just hit reply.