3 Spots Left (Skool)

I'm about to switch my 150 member cap Skool community to paid

Hey there 👋,

A couple of weeks ago (last issue) I launched a free community on Skool. I mentioned that I would switch it to paid once it reached 150 members.

Right now we are at 147 and I’ve decided to cap it at 150 (Dunbar’s number) to keep it a place where true relationships can be formed.

This small size is really working - there are now almost 300 comments on the introduce yourself thread! Members are welcoming others in a way I’ve not seen on any other platform I’ve used previously (Facebook, Circle, Discord etc).

When it gets to 150, it will be one new paying member in, and the least active member out.

I’ll prioritize newsletter subscribers over those who found it through other channels, so I’ll try to make room for all those who want in, before the paywall drops (likely this weekend!).

Here’s the link to get access.

I see newsletters + communities as the best funnel for not only creators but also service based businesses.

I created this graphic which Neville from Copywriting Course shared as it’s a model he has implemented. His newsletter optin goes to a welcome page/portal where you can purchase his courses and join his community:

This is the service that I’ve pivoted Letter Operators into, where we’re currently building this out for a client.

[I’m thinking of changing the name for this service/offer to Monetize Community after buying the domain monetize.community - what do you think? Hit reply and let me know as I’m undecided!]

Alongside helping others, my next move is going to be a good one and involves getting Digital Asset Investor going again…

Until next time, Richard