🚀 Patey Club (Launch)

I'm selling both of my brand newsletter businesses to focus on me

Hey there 👋,

Patey is back.

I’m selling my two brand newsletters (for $10K a pop) to go all in on myself.

But first, let me explain with a little history…

I launched my personal blog at richardpatey.com in 2012 which I ran through to 2020 when I launched a paid newsletter called Patey Premium (web archive link):

Back in 2020…

This then became the Website Investing publication which I sold to Travis and I redirected my personal website to investing.io.

Ever since I’ve had brand name newsletters, and in 2022 I found myself running six on Substack, each with its own niche:

Back in 2022…

After moving to beehiiv in 2023 I was forced to get that number down to 3:

Back in 2023…

But after selling two of the above newsletters to Scott last year, this number crept back up to fill the 3 spots I had in my beehiiv account.

To try to simplify, last week I sold my Media Assets newsletter by simply promoting it in The Newsletter Business - it took less than 3 days for the $10K price to be wired, no questions asked.

And I’m back at it to complete this mission to get down to one - this one at Patey.Club which has no regular sending cadence and you may only hear from me once a month.

There is so much opportunity in crypto right now, I need to focus on actually trading and farming airdrops, rather than writing about it.

And I also now need to exit from the game of newsletters, and be happy I got to invest in the rocketship that is beehiiv.

Newsletters for sale

As such, my two existing newsletters will now be depersonalized ready to sell.

1) My crypto newsletter Digital Asset Investor at invest.beehiv.com which has 3700+ subs with 52% open rate and 4% click through rate. It has made over $5K from sponsorships (it’s been the bear market up until now) and has made $300 dollars from product sales.

2) The Newsletter Business at newsletters.biz which has 4600+ subs with 55% open rate and 8% click rate. It has directly made over $1300 from product sales (the TNITB product has sold over 100 copies and over $10K in total) and ~ $500 from sponsorships. Plus over $11K from newsletter customers (from Letter Operators and the agency which is no more), and contributed around $1K in affiliate revenue by promoting beehiiv.

To keep things simple and quick, I’m just going to do what worked well for the Media Assets newsletter that I just sold:

$10K per newsletter to the first person who replies and wires the money.

The buyer gets the newsletter and domain transferred. Plus copies of the digital products but not the Gumroad account (nor affiliate accounts). No negotiation, due diligence or escrow required.

Patey Club

It may look like I am value-cutting myself by pricing so low but the opportunity cost of me not focussing full time on crypto trading, investing and farming is too high now.

And I feel like I’ve been giving away too much alpha for free in my Digital Asset Investor newsletter. I make bad bets like everyone, but I called (and invested in) Pudgy Penguins in July (5x), Solana in October (5x), and Handshake in November (2x). And now tokens I’ve staked and protocols I’ve been farming are starting to pay off in 2024.

So Patey.Club is this free, infrequent newsletter which I’ve titled The space that's in between insane and insecure (web2 and web3). That’s a line from one of my all-time fav songs, IYKYK.

And it has a private community component where I share what I’m up to and any alpha within a Telegram group. It’s part of Gary.Club which I talked about here:

So if you’re interested in either or both of the newsletters just hit reply.

Otherwise, until we meet in your again in your inbox (whenever that will be).


Richard Patey