🕳️ Rabbit Hole to Clarity

Focussing on crypto has led me to my ultimate business play

Hey there 👋,

I’ve just spent 6 months down a very deep crypto rabbit hole.

This typically happens every 4 years, with the Bitcoin cycle, and it happened early this time.

After climbing my way back out, I came to the realisation that building a network in another industry (web3) when I’ve spent the last 10+ years building expertise and a name in another one (online business/web2) is not exactly +EV.

X seems to agree with me, as even though I’ve posted almost nothing but crypto over this period, my reach has been terrible. Yet when I post about, for example, beehiiv (who just raised a Series B, happy to have got in at the A!) it quickly gets hundreds to thousands of views.

So I’m very glad I didn’t sell Digital Asset Investor as will soon start to leverage this as a top of funnel into a different way to buy and sell digital assets (domains, websites, newsletters).

I will be bringing what I’ve learned from trading NFTs for many years, to make this a web2.5 play, fitting in with the tagline of this newsletter.

To focus on this, I will now be selling This Week In Solana.

And to cashflow this, I’ve got Letter Operators running again with a new Newsletter Funnel package that me and Maciej are fulfilling for an awesome client.

The next time you hear from me may be an announcement!