Patey Club on Skool

It's by far the best community/course platform I have seen (come join)

Hey there 👋,

Hope you’re having a great Sunday.

In the last newsletter I sent (now at Patey.News) I teased that there will be an announcement coming for a different way to buy and sell digital assets.

My co-founder is a talented developer (as well as marketer in his own right) and he’s working hard to get this ready to launch in July.

In the interim, I’ve discovered the best community/course platform I’ve seen. [TLDR: come join Patey.Club]

But first some history…

When me and Travis co-founded the community, we looked at all the platforms out there. Most sucked, but it was clear that the one that sucked the least at the time was Circle so we went with that.

When I launched the Alts Cafe community (which I sold to Flippa) I chose Discord for live chat functionality, and I built it up to what became the biggest in the space (after decided to close theirs down).

But live chat isn’t the glue that you expect (although ironically it’s the name of David Sacks’ new Slack killer).

It’s why long-term communities such as Dynamite Circle (which I’ve been a member of for over 10 years now) do not have it. They experimented with Slack alongside but it flopped.

Travis recently rebranded his community to Snowball and moved it to Heartbeat which does a better job at combining resources with discussions.

But the platform that now does this better than anyone is Skool, which Alex Hormozi recently made his biggest investment into. Community expert Greg Isenberg summarized on Linkedin explaining why this made sense and why everyone is talking about Skool:

It's working for a few reasons:

1) It’s software-like MRR without having to compete against Microsoft by starting a paid monthly community

2) Each B2B segment will have paid communities. It’s the unbundling of YPO meets the unbundling of Slack/FB Groups

And Greg Elfrink, Director of Marketing at Empire Flippers, replied to the thread stating:

I think Skool is pretty cool. I really like Sam as well. For paid communities it might be a better solution than discord. And maybe even better all-in for b2b purposes in general.

I agree and have just launched Patey Club on Skool.

I’m setting up classes, based on previous content and courses I've created, as well as new material:

You will find content on content sites, newsletter funnels, domain investing, paid subscriptions, crypto investing (coming soon) and even poker.

And there are discussions around these topics, as well as a pinned ‘Ask Patey Anything’ thread.

It’s hard to describe how epic it is to finally be able to tie all of this together, so much better than previously creating on Gumroad (I transferred the account to Fred Kauber who acquired The Newsletter Business).

My Skool is free for the first 150 members (Dunbar’s number in action again) and then I’m going to turn it to paid.